"To me, casual chic is an everyday style and I wanted my clients to be able to adopt my garment in their lives daily "

It is a bet that she has succeeded in making and now has a store in St Barth and twenty resellers stores around the world, has a website where we can customize these creations and offer the choice of logo.

Today, St Barth Karma is a niche and prestigious brand created and manufactured in the workshop that she shares with her mother, where each of these creations are unique and have a signature by the famous logo patch that the designer paints herself. Daughter of a painter the designer has always loved the world of art and creation “when I was 15 I started painting on pre-owned clothes and jeans and I sold them under my name and that really worked well ”

St Barth Karma is not just a brand but a lifestyle that we adopt that gives us a feeling of freedom and unparalleled comfort.

Things you’ll own for life